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26th-Nov-2008 08:56 pm - max-maximum collection
blue lena
Since my fav girl group of all time decided to rejoin with mina who left 6 years ago I decided to upload their first singles collection in celebration!

Max "maximum collection"
release date: 9.29.1999
tora tora tora
get my! love
give me a shake
love is dreaming
shinin' on-shinin' love
i will
easy easy
so real
ride on time
grace of my heart
love impact

Download here MF
please comment if taking!
7th-Sep-2008 10:54 am - B'z "loose" album
sky line & girl

B'z "loose"
release date: '95.11.22
1. Spirit Loose - 1:04
2. Ze Ruuzu (The Loose) (ザ・ルーズ, Ze Ruuzu (The Loose)?) - 3:32
3. Negai("BUZZ!!" STYLE) (ねがい("BUZZ!!" STYLE)) - 5:01
4. Yumemigaoka (夢見が丘) - 4:40
5. Bad Communication (000-18) - 4:57
6. Kienai Niji (消えない虹) - 3:37
7. Love me, I love you (with G Bass) - 3:20
8. Love phantom - 4:40
9. Teki ga Inakerya (敵がいなけりゃ) - 3:14
10. Suna no Hanabira (砂の花びら) - 3:41
11. Kirei na Ai jya Nakutemo (キレイな愛じゃなくても) - 4:04
12. Big - 2:53
13. Drive to My World - 4:09


download here MF

5th-Sep-2008 09:15 pm - 2 singles
blue lena
Since speed got back together to do a performance last weekend on the 24 hour tv marathon I decided to up these two singles. enjoy!

Eriko with crunch "red beat of my life"
size: 38mb
track list:
    red beat of my life
    We will be together
    Break Down
plus intrsumentals for all three

download MF

Hiro "bright daylight"
size: 40mb
track list
    bright daylight
plus instrumental for all three

download MF

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